Trouble with DirecPath Internet?  Net2Atlanta is the better alternative to DirecPath!

Looking for an alternative to DirecPath?

Why does Net2Atlanta provide better Internet than DirecPath?
(because we care)


  • Like DirecPath, we provide bulk Internet access to condominiums and apartment complexes.
  • Fair contracts - We do not rely on abusive contracts to lock our customers in.
  • Our customers stay with us because of our high quality service and support.
  • Proactive Support - We monitor all infrastructure and maintain it proactively..
  • We monitor each residential unit's usage to manage the community resource..
  • Tech support is provided by our employees, here in Marietta... not by contractors in Bangalore... 
  • Plain English is our primary, not second language.
  • We know our customers by name. And, our customers know us. Ask us for references.

How does that compare to DirecPath?

Contact the best ISP in Atlanta, GA - Net2Atlanta - 678-560-8076 or e-mail us.

Net2Atlanta is primarily a business ISP.  Click here for our residential ISP - Atlantic Nexus

Click here to read more about the reliability of our network

Because we block hostile ports and monitor for intrusions, our service is much more secure for business than cable internet.
We don't block SMTP port 25 so you can send mail across your DSL line!


To be fair to Comcast, their bad customer retention effort is not unique.  Listen to this interchange with AOL.
Get a better ISP with better contract terms - Call Net2Atlanta!