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T1 Internet ISP for Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Kennesaw, Gainesville, and Decatur, Georgia data & voice

Atlanta T1 Internet

T1 Internet for Voice & Data

Choose Net2Atlanta as your T1 ISP in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia!  T1 is the logical next step up from DSL for small business.  More reliable with higher upstream bandwidth makes T1 Internet appropriate for medium sized offices and applications such as VOIP, security camera monitoring, and server hosting.  We can bond multiple T1's together for even more bandwidth.

Through strategic partnerships with both CLECs & ILECs, Net2Atlanta can provision a T1 in Atlanta, Gainesville, Macon, Augusta, Savannah, Columbus, and many of the small towns of Georgia. 

Atlanta Business DSL
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Advantages of T1

A T1 is 1536k both up and down.  That is slower inbound than most DSL, but much faster out bound.
Bandwidth on a T1 is always the same regardless of distance from the central office.
The additional outbound speed makes T1 ideal for voice service over VOIP
T1's outbound speed facilitates hosting services in-house like e-mail, websites, and security cameras.
Up to 8 T1s can be bonded together for up to 12Mbps total bandwidth. (But Metro Ethernet is better for high BW)
As an older, more proven technology using simpler equipment, T1's are more reliable than DSL.
The ILEC phone companies treat T1 problems with much higher priority than DSL.
Net2Atlanta pings all our T1 Internet connections so we can act proactively.
Net2Atlanta graphs our T1 Internet connections to help find hacks, viruses & track bandwidth needs.

And our support is here in Marietta right next to Atlanta!

Net2Atlanta is the best choice for Atlanta T1 broadband Internet and all of Georgia.
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The best T1 Internet in Atlanta and North Georgia is from Net2Atlanta!

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