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Hosting Services

 Atlanta Co-Location

Co-location is when you place your server in one of our metro Atlanta facilities.  This is typically done when the server runs a custom application that requires all the resources of the machine.  We ensure that it is in an environmentally controlled and physically secured area, on uninterruptible power attached directly to our high speed backbone.  We'll also change tapes in it according to your prearranged schedule and reboot it as necessary. 
News Flash! With the merger of GreatAccess into Net2Atlanta, we can now offer colocation in Atlanta's most connected telecom facility - Telx' 56 Marietta Street.  That makes 2 colo locations to choose from!

Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosted in your choice of either data center, we'll provide a Linux or Windows server with the power you need.  Check out these options:

Basic Server - $25.00/mo

  • Quad Core 1.2Ghz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB SSD Drive
  • 1TB Monthly Transfer
  • 3 day setup

Ubuntu Linux Only

Mid Server - $179.99

Description coming soon
High End Server

Description coming soon
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Virtual Private Server Hosting

With our VPS offering, you can use a piece of our reliable and professionally maintained fileserver in any way you like.  Based on VMSware, you'll have root access to a Linux server or Administrator access and control to a Windows Server.  Load any software you like!  Host many websites, a mailserver, databases or special programs.  While it is running on our box, it will appear to you to be your server.

Web Hosting

Net2atlanta can host your web site for the whole world to see. Unlike some other ISP's, we don't penalize you for using Microsoft Front Page.  In fact, we prefer it.  Naturally, our servers are extremely reliable and are in a secure environmentally conditioned area on uninterruptible power. 

E-mail Hosting

For our customers who don't have their own mail server, we offer mail hosting.  Our mailboxes are spam filtered using our SpamDragon and virus filtered (twice).  Access is via POP3/SMTP and Web Mail.

Domain Name Hosting

Net2Atlanta performs DNS hosting for a small fee.  Per acceptable practice, we have two independent DNS servers.  Besides the usual web, mail, and ftp records, we'll also setup SPF, which helps reduce spam and prevent spoofing.


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  We host lots of sites including Wordpress sites.  We will host sex toy store sites, but draw the line at porn or spam.  We will not host porn or spam on our network.

We host a whitewater canoe & kayak video store also.