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Atlanta T1 - Atlanta business DSL

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Net2Atlanta is Atlanta's best ISP connecting small to medium sized Georgia businesses.  Besides a clean, fast connection, we also monitor your bandwidth for unusual & suspicious activity.  We offer:

10Mb or 100Mb Fiber Internet - We can provide a dedicated Metro-E connection to most businesses in Atlanta.  That's 10Mb, 20Mb, 50Mb or 100Mb upstream and downstream - perfect for businesses that host their own servers, VOIP, or VPN connections.  Fast and extremely reliable.  Location will determine whether we use Metro-E or our own dedicated fiber for service.

Very High Speed DSL - We offer up to 6Mbps x 850k high speed DSL Internet.  But we can also combine any of the services below into a fault tolerant system with aggregate bandwidth much higher than any single link.  Our T1 Atlanta service can be bonded to DSL for high reliability and improved speed also.  VOIP configuration is standard.

Dedicated T1 connections - For full 1536kx1536k bandwidth with leased line reliability, T1 is the way to go.  And, for customers that cannot tolerate downtime, we offer BGP4 and failover links.  Don't confuse our T1 offering with shared phone/Internet T1s.  A business T1 from Net2Atlanta is pure connectivity to the Internet tuned for data throughput and reliability with no compromise made for phone channels.  Of course, some customers also run VOIP and VODSL across our lines...  Read more about Georgia T1 Internet

6Mb T1 - We pair a 6Mb DSL circuit with a 1.5Mb T1.  We set up routing so that traffic prefers to come in through the 6Mb DSL, and go out through the 1.5Mb T1.  If either fails, the other takes over.  This also provides total path diversity since our DSL terminates in downtown Atlanta and the T1 comes to our Marietta office.  This is an inexpensive way to enjoy high speed and high reliability!

High Speed Routed DSL connections to connect all the computers in your office to the Internet.  That includes speeds from 128K to 6Mbps at monthly pricing from $120 to $195.  We can provide Fiber DSL - IFITL also.  All of our DSL connections include fixed ip addresses... even IFITL fiber connections.

3mbps & 5mbps Fixed Wireless Service - Through a strategic partnership, we can offer competitive prices for fixed wireless Internet to many buildings in the Atlanta area .  Contact us to find out if we can serve your building.

FREE - Fixed, public ip addresses so that your company can host it's own servers and have remote access and VPN.

Reliable Connection - Above all, businesses want a reliable connection with a single point of contact and no finger pointing when there's a problem. Read more 

FREE - Bandwidth monitoring (for full time connections) to help identify hacker attacks.

Spam Filtering - Free with our premium services, at a small monthly fee to our others and very effective!  Currently, we're stopping around 98% of all incoming spam.

Virtual Private Networks - Replace your WAN frame network with a fully secure, but much cheaper option!  Telecommute through a secure connection.  Ask us about L2TP, IPSEC, and PPTP options.

On-Site Installation, Service, and Consulting

Of course, we also provide server colocation.


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