Trouble with Comcast Internet?  Net2Atlanta is the better alternative to Comcast!

Are you having Comcast Problems?

Why does Net2Atlanta provide better Internet than Comcast?
(because we care)

Or maybe it's because we don't treat our customers like this:  Comcast Customer Retention  (read here)

  • We are a small company that knows our customers.  No foreign tech support, no scripts, just real caring support.
  • We focus on reliability with redundant connections at our office and our customers' too.
  • Proactive Support - We call you if your connection goes down.
  • We call you if our system sees suspicious activity on your line.
  • We perform on-site service and repair of networks and computers.
  • Tech support is provided by our employees, here in Marietta... not by contractors in Bangalore... 
  • Plain English is our primary, not second language.
  • We know our customers by name. And, our customers know us. Ask us for references.

Does Comcast do any of that?

Contact the best ISP in Atlanta, GA - Net2Atlanta - 678-560-8076 or e-mail us.

Net2Atlanta is primarily a business ISP.  Click here for our residential ISP - Atlantic Nexus

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Because we block hostile ports and monitor for intrusions, our service is much more secure for business than cable internet.
We don't block SMTP port 25 so you can send mail across your DSL line!

Comcast sued for false advertising price
Comcast Contractor runs over 60 year old man
Xfinity Home Security is Insecure
Comcast Xfinity discloses customer names and addresses
Comcast Caps are not about reducing network congestion
Comcast renames customer account to "Asshole Brown"
And apparently, that's not the only time...
Comcast charges small company $1775 for early termination, admits error, won't refund

To be fair to Comcast, their bad customer retention effort is not unique.  Listen to this interchange with AOL.
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