COVAD Problems

If you're having problems with Covad Internet today, maybe it is time to call Net2Atlanta!

Net2Atlanta is a business Internet Service Provider for the Atlanta Metro-Area & North Georgia.  We are small, and customer centric, like Mindspring once was.  We provide business DSL, T1 Internet optimized for VOIP, Fiber Internet, e-mail, web & domain hosting.

April 2010 - We are receiving calls from people that ordered Covad SDSL service in the last month but still don't have it installed.  Various excuses were made, but the bottom line is that these customers are having problems getting Covad SDSL installed and running.  How many weeks should a customer wait for SDSL?  Net2Atlanta can have DSL up in as little time as a day in some circumstances.  T1s take about 2 weeks.


If you want a reliable business ISP, with native Georgia tech support, click here for Net2Atlanta!

Call a reliable ISP = Net2Atlanta - 678-560-8076