Earthlink Problems

If you're having problems with Earthlink Internet today, maybe it is time to call Net2Atlanta!

Net2Atlanta is a business Internet Service Provider for the Atlanta Metro-Area & North Georgia.  We are small, and customer centric, like Mindspring once was.  We provide business DSL, T1 Internet optimized for VOIP, Fiber Internet, e-mail, web & domain hosting.


April 2010

Earthlink resells Covad's SDSL.  We've received reports of problems getting Covad installed in the Atlanta area. 


November 2009:

Earthlink apparently had a major e-mail problem


April 2009 Earthlink Problems:

My customers have reported that Earthlink hosted domains are down.  We see our peering with Earthlink up & can trace through much of their network.  So, I don't know what is going down at Earthlink, but Net2Atlanta is up!

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Click here to see if Earthlink's website comes up for you! It didn't for me at 1:00PM local Atlanta 4/22/09.
Earthlink's site still down at 4:30PM.
Earthlink's problems of today seem to be over - their site came back around 6:00PM.

If you want a reliable business ISP, with native Georgia tech support, click here for Net2Atlanta!

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